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June 22, 2021
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Beth Butler

Are you the business owner or business professional

What does your business provide the local area?
ventureLinx is a career academy. Since 1971 ventureLinx has been a leading provider of employment and other services in western Ohio, leading the way as an all inclusive employment partner. We take a holistic approach to goal setting, curiosity and expectations.

What is your favorite part about servicing the St. Henry area?
Our favorite part is making the connections and relationships with the community and businesses.

What is your company's motto?
Our motto is "Your local link to careers and community engagement"

Has your company recently had any big milestones?
We are moving on to better pathways! We re-branded August 1, 2020. CA Group Inc is now ventureLinx. ventureLinx is a career academy. Our mission is to support and empower individuals to live fulfilling and rewarding lives through full participation in their community. Check us out on our new website.

Do you have any upcoming events available for the public to attend?
In August "Why Community Matters" campaign begins, and re-rebranding our name to ventureLinx became effective 8/1. Due to COVID, this will be a social media campaign. Be sure to follow our campaign the next couple of weeks to learn why community matters and how ventureLinx is moving on to better pathways!

St Henry Chamber of Commerce Business Spotlight.