June 22, 2021
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Rindler Truss

Sharon Rindler

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What does your business provide the local area?
We design, manufacture, and deliver wood roof and floor trusses. We have been manufacturing trusses for more than 40 years and we concentrate on just one thing: designing and building wood roof and floor trusses better than anyone in the industry. We specialize in trusses for residential, commercial and agriculture buildings.

We have the capability of constructing and hauling trusses up to 93 feet in length. Our custom designed truss trailers feature a roll-off system which gently allows your product to be delivered and placed exactly where you need it.

What is your favorite part about servicing the St. Henry area?
It is rewarding to assist our customers as they take their dream project and make it a reality. Whether it be truss work for a new home, an add-on, or maybe a new cattle or turkey building we work with each customer to design and build roof coverings to meet each individual need. We haven't been given a project we couldn't finish!

What is your company's motto?
Quality and safety are the two main elements of our work at Rindler Truss. We take a lot of pride in designing a structurally sound product and building it with only the finest quality lumber in the market. No project is too challenging and no project is too small! You dream it, we'll build it.

St Henry Chamber of Commerce Business Spotlight.